Automated Caramel Popcorn Production line up to 500 kg/h. Project in Ekaterinburg, Russia

Model: Robopop Factory

This line operates in Ural region since 2021.  Fully automated line with producton capacity up to 500 kg/h of caramel coated popcorn. The llne consists of two Grand Robopop 220 poppers supplying plain popconrn for five caramel kettles SugarLips 100. SugarLips 100 kettle volume is 300l. 

Two Grand Robopop 220 machines are sufficient to  supply popcorn for 5 kettles. Automated batch feeding system provides loading of the caramel ingredients into the kettles. When caramel is ready, popcorn is added for coating.

After coating is completed, popcorn is discharged on the conveyor for further separation and cooling in the Cooling Drum.



Robopop Factory

Automated Caramel Popcorn Line

Automatic popcorn loading