Ventilation Block for Donut Machine

Model: Ventilation Block
Dimensions (mm): 640x520x800
Power (W): 200
Net Weight (Kg): 72

Ventilation Block is a part of Donut Station. The block  is designed to clean  air from vapors and splashes of frying oil. Using our Ventilation Block you can make donuts in retail areas . Ventilation Block can either be integrated into a donut station or be used together with exclusive design exhost hoods "Locomotive" or "Mississippi Steamer".  

There is a three-level air filtering system. First stage is aluminum mesh,  as a next step air goes through a "fine" filter with a special indicator. On the third stage  layer of activated carbon cleans air from odors. 

The unit has two ventilation modes. In one hour it can clean air with an area of ​​400-725 cubic meters. Control panel with main settings is located on the outer casing of the recuperator The set includes: carbon filter 470x570mm, activated carbon 10kg, air intake, fastening screws.