Burger chute

Model: Burger chute
Dimensions (mm): 700x650x650
Power (W): 1400
Net Weight (Kg): 60

Tabletop open food display warmer with two warming shelves.Designed for demonstration and storage of pre-packed products. 

It is made of stainless steel. Components of the leading European manufacturers are used in the warmer’s design.

By implementing and combining glass ceramics heaters and heating cable, a steady temperature field is achieved across the surface of the shelf. Temperature of each shelf can be controlled separately by a thermo regulator from 30C to 90C. The interval between shelves is 210mm. There is a lighting above every shelve. Shelves are equipped with crossbars enabling to divide shelves on parts of different width.

  • Heated chute, tabletop, open type, with 2 tilted heated shelves
  • Combination of glass-ceramic heaters and heating cable provides even temperature field across the whole surface of the shelf
  • Independent temperature regulation on each shelf
  • LED illumination over each shelf
  • Each shelf has removable rail dividers to organize areas of various width