Cotton Candy Machine for commercial production, Monster

Model: Monster
Dimensions (mm): 700x680x480
Power (W): 2000
Net Weight (Kg): 25

Commercial Cotton Candy Machine Monster. The machine has high output – 7-8 kg/h, heating by a tubular heating element. 

Head capacity – 700g. Time for making one coton candy portion - 20-25 seconds. Cold start time – 30 seconds. 

This commercial candy floss machine has a new head design to make assembly and disassembly easy. A spring suspension of a motor running gear eliminates vibration transfer to a cabinet. Two pair of brushes. Secure fixation of the running gear for transportation. The head rotating speed 2750 rpm. A meshy diffuser.

Design features: an adjustable heat control, a heat indicator (an indicating voltmeter), the control protection, handles for transportation, a window for brush assembly maintenance, the silver metallic painted cabinet. Equipped with a plastic floss pan 66 cm in diameter, a grip stabilizer and a set of clips for the stabilizer.