Vortex Popcorn ™ machine Mini Robopop 25

Model: Mini Robopop 25
Dimensions (mm): 1070x580x1600
Power (W): 5950
Net Weight (Kg): 150

Vortex Popcorn machine MiniRobopop 25 is a hot-air popper for making popcorn. Both Butterfly and Mushroom varieties can be processed. Popper built on patented Vortex technology that has following benefits:
- No oil is used at all, so hot-air popped popcorn has no carcinogens and
trans-fats; and the cost of production is reduced.
- Once popped, popcorn is immediately removed from the hot area, thus its
nutritional value and taste are kept as much as possible.

  • Throughput – up to 12 kg/h (25 Lbs/h)

  • No oil is used for popping; no carcinogens, no trans-fats, and production cost is lower

  • Automatic batch-by-batch operation

  • Will pop small batches every 2 minutes with automatic reset

  • Suitable for both Butterfly and Mushroom corn

  • Fully automatic

  • Direct drive turbine – no belt drive and bearing assembly 

Vortex Popcorn™ MiniRobopop 25  is designed on the basis of new patented Vortex technology, due to which corn kernels are rapidly heated, popped and immediately vortexed away from the hot zone. Due to the vortex flow inside the chamber, popcorn is immediately pushed out from the hot zone, which has beneficial effect on the quality and taste of popcorn. Further, popcorn falls into the sifter, which separates the husk and unpopped corn kernels from popcorn.  Subsequently, this kind of popcorn is ideal to be coated with different caramel mixtures


Vortex Popcorn™ machine Mini Robopop® 25

Vortex Popcorn™ machine Robopop. How it works?

Vortex Popcorn™ machine Mini Robopop® 25