Vortex Popcorn ™ machine Grand Robopop 220

Model: Grand Robopop 220
Dimensions (mm): 1220x810x1930
Power (W): 24000
Net Weight (Kg): 300

Fully automatic popcorn making machine Grand Robopop® 220 is ideal for industrial popcorn production. Production capacity of the machine is up to 100 kg/h of corn per hour. There is a possibility to control turbine’s speed to configure the popper even for low-quality corn kernels. The machine is easy to maintain, by removing the side door you will have a full access to the chamber.

  • Throughput – up to 100 kg/h (220 Lbs/h)

  • Automatic batch-by-batch operation

  • Suitable for both Butterfly and Mushroom corn

  • High popcorn output

  • Healthy product: corn kernels are popped in the vortex of hot air

  • Delicious product: crunchy and tender popcorn, no difference from movie-style popcorn

  • Fully automatic, minimal operator involvement

  • Direct drive turbine – no belt drive and bearing assembly


Industrial Popcorn Machine Grand Robopop 220

Grand Robopop 220 as a part of RoboFactory