Vortex ™ popcorn machine Robopop 75

Model: Robopop ® 75
Dimensions (mm): 1370x600x1690
Power (W): 11000
Net Weight (Kg): 200

Fully automatic popcorn machine Robopop® 75 with throughput rate up to 34 kg/h (75 Lbs/h). Built on patented Vortex Popcorn™ technology. Easy to operate, maintain, and clean. Delivered fully assembled and ready to operate once plugged in. 

  • Throughput – up to 34 kg/h (75 Lbs/h)

  • Vortex Popcorn™! No oil is used for popping; no carcinogens, no trans-fats, and production cost is lower

  • Vortex Popcorn™! Popped corn is immediately removed from the hot area, thus its nutritional value is kept as much as possible

  • Automatic batch-by-batch operation

  • Suitable for both Butterfly and Mushroom corn


Vortex Popcorn™ Robopop® 75