Hot-keeping and Packing Station for French fries, RLFSL-A6

Model: French Fries Bagging Station, RLFSL-A6
Dimensions (mm): 600x900x1520
Power (W): 1700
Net Weight (Kg): 100

Keeps French fries fresh and hot, helps you organize packing process. Basin has convective heating, allowing longer product shelf life compared to static IR heating. Default preset temperature 70*C. L0,6 m

The station is designed for storage and packing of French fries. The well for French fries storage has convective heating system, which ensures a longer storage of French fries in comparison with static heating by IR heaters. The station is equipped with a divider, which allows to divide well into two parts. There is a place for packages with the possibility to adjust the width of one of the four zones. Large internal volume under the bathroom provides the possibility of storing any additional consumables. There is a removable side glass guardrail, which can be installed on both sides of the station. There is an LED lighting and a universal bracket for the filling scoop on the top. Well and countertop are made of stainless steel- AISI 430. The station is made of stainless steel AISI 304

  • Versions with convection and non-convection (radiant) heating are available
  • In convection heated stations storage time is twice longer than traditional ways, heat doesn’t escape from the storage area 
  • Radiant heated stations use overhead IR heaters and static bottom heating
  • This design is less demanding for daily maintenance and is more reliable