Product Holding Unit

Model: Product Holding Unit, МН-2-2М-01
Dimensions (mm): 530x400x270
Power (W): 600
Net Weight (Kg): 35
Product Holding Unit allows to keep food in its original state twice longer compared to conventional methods. Suitable for all types of food (burgers, meat, pasta, fish, vegetables, corn, mashed potatoes, sauces and so on). Temperature is set for each level individually; electronic temperature control ensures precise temperature maintenance. Product Holding Unit requires 30 minutes to enter operation mode. Two compartments accommodate 2x GN1/3-65 each. Isolated compartments prevent odor spread.  
  • Wide model range for 2, 4, and 6 GN1/3
  • Heating along the lower edge of GN pans
  • Precise temperature control on each level
  • Open type and wall adjacent versions are available
  • Timer for each pan 
  • Enclosed modules to prevent odor spread
  • Keeps dishes in their original state twice longer compared to common methods
  • Suitable for dishes of any type: burgers, meat, pasta, fish, vegetables, corn, puree, sauces etc.
  • Made of AISI 430 stainless steel
  • Temperature adjustment range between +30 and +95 °С