Vertical Cotton Candy Machine RoboJetFloss

Model: RoboJetFloss
Dimensions (mm): 670x670x480
Power (W): 1600
Net Weight (Kg): 15

How much sugar is in a candy floss serving? 

Just a tablespoon! The highest margin possible!

Business that makes kids eyes shine! The mesmerizing process.

Thanks to special machine design candy floss floats upwards in an even steady and powerful flow.

You can make lots of standard candy floss servings easily and quick or put on your own show!

RoboJetFloss is designed* to make enormous and regular servings of cotton candy, ( serving can be more than a meter in diameter). You just need a little bit of practice to be able to make incredible tricks with the upward current of Candy Floss. After some practice, operator can make candy floss on 5 meters distance from the machine presenting an exciting show!

Due to its unique design, Cotton Candy Machine RoboJetFloss may operate under high ambient temperature and excessive relative humidity. The machine is equipped with a plastic floss pan dia 50cm, process up to 5 kg/h 

Enormous cotton candy clouds will make you a hit at the next festival!



RoboJetFloss / cotton candy

Amazing flying cotton candy by David Shtorm