Caramel Coating Machine SugarLips 100 with Cooling Table

Model: SugarLips 100
Dimensions (mm): 1080x1410x2000
Power (W): 32 000
Net Weight (Kg): 285

SugarLips 100 cooks caramel and coats pre-popped popcorn with it. SugarLips 100 fits 260 liters of popcorn. Kettle is made of stainless steel. There is a handle for caramel popcorn unloading. 

Caramel popcorn ingredients should be loaded into the kettle, when caramel is ready, operator adds popcorn for caramel coating. When coating process is over popcorn is unloaded on the cooling table for manual cooling and separation. 

Cooling table is equipped with fan for caramel popcorn cooling. Cooling surface of the table is 2350х1500 mm. The table surface perforation is 8 mm.


Caramelizer SugarLips 100 and Cooling Table