RoboMix Mini Motorized mixer-coater

Model: RoboMix Mini
Dimensions (mm): 850x520x1000
Power (W): 50
Net Weight (Kg): 37

Motorized mixing/coating machine, mounted on a mobile base. Intended for flavoring and coating of popcorn with buttered oil, salt, sugar powder, cheese powder, cheese paste and other savory additives. The mixer has table top with two insert bowls GN1/9 and a place for oil dispenser MiniRobo OD

Coater volumetric capacity – up to 25 liters of popped corn
Mixing time – 60 seconds
Oil dispenser capacity – 3.3 liters
One push of oil dispenser – 37 ml
Mixing Capacity – up to 20 kg per hour of ready-to-eat popcorn

RoboMix Mini Popcorn Coater