Caramel Coating Machine RoboSugar 10

Model: Caramelizer RoboSugar 10
Dimensions (mm): 1650x810x1500
Power (W): 5500
Net Weight (Kg): 160

RoboSugar  10 makes caramel and coats popcorn with it automatically. Caramel cooking and coating take place in the stainless steel kettle. The operator is only responsible for loading popcorn into the kettle and dumping of caramel coated popcorn on the mesh–belt conveyor. When popcorn is coated operator dumps popcorn on the mesh where it is separated and cooled automatically with all the scrap and small fragments falling through the mesh. When coating is over caramel popcorn goes right into the case.

  • Output - up to 14 kg per hour

  • Maximum load - 3,5 kg

  • Kettle capacity - 37,5 L


Caramelizer RoboSugar 10