Deep Fat Fryer RoboFry RF

Model: RoboFry RF

The control panel of the fryer is made by RoboLabs. The fryer has four independent programs for each basket. 

Fryer is equipped with a built–in frying oil filtration system that can be activated by a single button. It takes just a couple of minuts to filter the oil. Wide drain outlet allows to avoid clogging. Oil discharge tank with filter holder (manual filtration is possible) and swivel casters for easy moving and pulling out. 

  • Vat up to 25 L with a large cold zone
  • Heating cut off sensor in case of empty vat
  • Two SS baskets included
  • Heaters lifting device for maintenance
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Automated basket lifting device
  • Oil filtering system 
  • Powerful heaters, total 17.4 kW
  • Cold zone for crumbs and debris volume 1,7 L (0.4 gal)