RoboFry AF, Semiautomatic deep fryer for fast food market

Model: RoboFry AF
Dimensions (mm): 400x900x1150/1600
Power (W): 13000
Net Weight (Kg): 100

Fryers are equipped with a built–in frying oil filtration system that can be activated by a single button and takes only a couple of minutes. Wide drain outlet allows to avoid clogging. Oil discharge tank with filter holder (manual filtration is possible) and swivel casters for easy moving and pulling out. 

Two independent automatic basket lifts (basket is fixed on the holder, timer–button is pressed, basket easily lowered manually and locked in the down position, after a specified time basket lifts automatically) Six independent timers with snooze and backlight (backlights each timer that had been selected and turned on) Cold zone Built–in deep–fryer filtration system Electronic temperature control Lifting heating elements (easy and convenient wash)

-Cold zone

-Built–in deep–fryer filtration system 

-Electronic temperature control

-Lifting heating elements (easy and convenient wash)