Quality of packaged product mostly depends on recipes used as well as packaging materials/methods.  If you use poor package material or pack popcorn without prepared atmosphere (e.g. nitrogen), you can get rancidity taste quite soon. At the same time, cheap, thin packaging material will cause chewiness and stickiness of the product because of moisture ingress. One more crucial point for packaging is its light resistance since light affects the product taste, too.

 Our tips for the better packaging: 

1. Avoid cheap single layer packaging materials, use multi-layered quality ones instead, to make sure that no moisture will infiltrate into the product before it's consumed.

2. Packaging material must protect the product from direct light too!

3. Oils are subject to oxidization, less or more. Properly chosen oils and/or packaging techniques (e.g. nitrogen flushing) will help to avoid rancid taste.

The conclusion is that you have total control over the end product.