Oil popping production has its own advantages and stays on demand throughout time.

Relatively inexpensive oil popping system can still provide high productivity and simplicity in operation. Possibility to make sweet and salted popcorn using the same equipment is another advantage of oil processing systems. And unique flavor of popcorn popped in oil sometimes win over the air popped products.

We have accumulated the best experience in the field of popcorn production and implemented it in the new production line RobopopFactory.

The line includes up to 10 popcorn kettles 72oz each. Single load is 2 kg of corn per kettle. Oil and salt are constantly agitating in the oil tanks providing automatic oil and salt supply to the kettles. Each kettle is equipped with a control panel. Discharged from the kettles to the conveyor popcorn goes to the sifter where it is separated and cooled down by a built-in fan.

-the line is easy to operate

-high productivity up to 200kg/h of popcorn

-automatic oil and salt supply

-intuitive control panel

-equipped with exhaust hoods

-there is an option for automatic loading and unloading of popcorn 

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