Mini Robopop 25 saves time and money all over the world

Our equipment is shipped to 45 countries. Including the US, where we already have office and warehouse, and two dealers, one being Gold Medal Products Company, the World Leader in Fun and Fast Food equipment and supplies. We also ship to Europe, South Africa, New Zealand, South and Central Americas.

A minute of taking pride in the own invention. While the world was in lockdown, our shipments went their usual way. Yes, at a lesser volume, but nevertheless. Some facilities – like the one in Croatia (PopUp Corn) – was being open at the very peak of pandemic. Production facilities per se got revived and took the sales of popcorn to a new level, proving once again that a crisis is always a new opportunity. 

Now it’s movie theaters turn!

Their world’s biggest interest is in Mini Robopop 25, which is understandable. If explained in our movie theater language, it saves 10 roubles (20 cents) on every V46 of caramel or cheese popcorn.

And if we talk V85, it comes to all 20 roubles (40 cents).

This year we have learned to count money anew, and would not want to lose the gains.


1. The first MiniRoboPop was shipped to Germany in 2013.

2. In 2018 the machine was entered in Gold Medal catalogue and has been sold ever since on a par with their own items. (photo bellow)

Popcorn store in Canada: Mini Robopop is positioned on an island, where popcorn is sold. 

3. The farthest point on the world map where Mini Robopop went to was Australia. And it is in itself is a wonderful story.

Sam is 12 and he is autistic. In 2018 he bought a second – hand MiniRopoPop and set up his own business under Sam’s Popcorn brand.

For these two years not only did he launch popcorn sales with unique flavors (such as vegan caramel, chocolate – mallow popcorn ball and other culinary delights), he turned into a popcorn supplier to schools!.