How to choose the right donut machine?

How to choose the right donut machine? Find more useful tips here.

The donut production can be a new direction of business development, as well as an opportunity to expand the available menu.

Choosing a donut machine requires attention to several key aspects.

  1. Productivity

For small cafes are suitable donut machines with productivity of 150-200 donuts per hour, for large businesses – 300-350 donuts.  Equipment capacity usually varies, so it is not necessary to use the maximum working time. But donut machines with a large range give high returns speed during peak hours. Take into account that maximum declared capacity doesn’t consider warm-up time and possible pauses for washing of cutter hopper for example.

  1. Automation and control

Fully automated models provide less human influence during the forming and frying stage. The donuts are in the same weight and size. Semi-automated models require more staff involvement, but they are cheaper. As for mechanical machines all processes depend on chef, on his skills and practice. It also means that weight, size and roasting uniformity may vary.

  1. Size and compactness

This factor is directly linked to the equipment productivity. Compact machines are perfect for small locations. Big models provide high productivity, but require more space. Do not forget small equipment is more convenient and faster to maintain after shift, especially in conditions of small area and impossibility of centralized connection to water and sewerage.

  1. Safety

Choose models with features of overheating protection and automatic shutdown function. This option will protect frying oil from sudden firing.

  1. Extra features

Models with adjustable donut size and the ability to work with different kinds of dough provide flexibility in production.

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