How to make popcorn crunchy?

The main topic for today is ..... wait for it.... Right!  POPCORN
Crispy, Crunchy, Yummy Popcorn!

How to make popcorn crunchy? 

Bellow are some guidelines based on our experience, we hope it will be helpful.
Do not hesitate to share your secrets on making crunchy popcorn 

1.  Ideal moisture content for popped corn is 1.0-2% Popcorn is crispy when it is dry enough. If you have a moisture meter, you can take measurements at certain moments of popcorn lifeline and see the whole dynamic picture, how moisture content is changing, during the process.

2. It is very important to provide good exhausting hood over popper and caramel coating machines as well, since all of them produce a lot of humid and heat. If the production room has a door that often opens and closes, it may be not so easy to keep the ambient conditions in the room at good values.

3. Once popcorn is out from the popping machine, it is still too hot; at this moment it has moisture content around 4-5%. Popcorn loses moisture while cooling down. However, there is a simple rule worth to remember  cooling down, popcorn loses moisture until the difference between popcorn temperature and ambient temperature is more than 11*C. Once the difference is less, popcorn starts to absorb moisture from ambient air.

So this is very important to maintain proper conditions in the production room to ensure popcorn is being processed properly and doesn't have a chance to intake excessive moisture back from ambient air.
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