Sharing some good news from RoboLabs world

RoboLabs conveyor pizza ovens set a record for pizza baking at gastronomic festival. One location, 8 hours - 5582 pizzas! Experimentally proved, that oven bakes up to 260 Pepperoni pizzas of diameter 25 cm per hour. Baking time - 3 minutes!!!

Electric conveyor pizza ovens are being produced by RoboLabs in two models: RoboChef800 and RoboChef460. They were jointly developed by our engineers and specialists of the leading pizza chain.

The core of Jet Impingement Flow Technology are 445 small nozzles located above and below the conveyor mesh that supply heated air to the product. It is one of the leading cooking technologies that provide extremely quick and even food preparation. The speed of heat exchange is several times faster than using traditional infrared or convection methods of heating.

Due to its robust heat delivery system, RoboChef ensures that products are prepared quickly and evenly.

RoboChef ovens are electronically controlled and have 4,3” color touch screen. The ovens have an energy saving mode, a valuable option for the restaurants operating 10-15 hour nonstop.

Stockable up to 3 ps on top of the other.


A brief reminder - now our RoboChef ovens are working in DODO pizza chains in UAE and CIS countries.