RobopopFactory is fully automated industrial line for savory and caramel coated popcorn production.

Using Vortex Popcorn hot-air popping technology the line produces ready-to-eat Butter Flavored Popcorn (Curry, Paprika or Tomato, even Masala or a variety of other spicy flavors!), as well as delicious Caramel or Cheese…


  • Raw corn transporting conveyor
  • Vortex popcorn machine
  • Popcorn collecting bin with dispenser
  • Popcorn coating drum
  • Batch feeding system
  • Popcorn caramel coater
  • Caramel coated popcorn cooling drum


  • One person operated
  • Fully automated
  • Output up to 500 kg/h of caramel coated popcorn
  • Scalable configuration
  • Suitable for savory and caramel popcorn production


RobopopFactory Industrial Caramel Popcorn Eqiupment

Industrial Caramel Popcorn Production Line with capacity up to 500kg/h of caramel popcorn.

Popcorn production is based on innovative Vortex Popcorn popping technology which saves up to 60 kg of oil per hour (400 ton per year) vs. conventional hot oil popping.

Caramel syrup is not prepared in advance, or heated for a long periods of time. This allows for application of natural flavors and colors that would be destroyed by other methods.

The line is fully automated. Caramel syrup ingredients are supplied automatically.

Separation and cooling of coated popcorn goes on in the cooling drum.

The line requires only one operator and one maintenance worker.