Deep fat fryer is an essential piece of equipment in any kitchen. A quality free standing fryer or automatic countertop type fryer from other brands might be too expensive for many restaurants.

Key features:

- 25 L vat with powerful heaters of tubular type allows to properly cook large volumes of frozen food. In other fryers, with weak heaters and small vat, temperature might drop down to 100*C and even lower when the full basket of french fries is cooked. As a result, the fries is actually boiled, not fried. Powerful heaters of RoboFry quickly bring the oil temperature to its set value, thus providing non-stop operation.

- Cold zone is one of the main elements of a real commercial fryer. Cold zone is an area under the heaters, where the temperature doesn't exceed 100*C, so crumbs falling down in the zone will not burn, and will not deteriorate the oil. RoboFry has capacious cold zone of 1,7 L.

- Built-in filtration system allows to filter the oil all day long, with minimal idle time. Filtration cycle takes about 5 minutes. Using this feature on regular basis allows you to prolong oil lifetime for 50%, thus significantly reducing the production cost, since the oil is one of the biggest expenses in the fast food business.

- Heaters lifting mechanism ensures that product resides in oil not longer than expected; the mechanism automatically takes the basket out from the vat after set time expires, thus minimizing errors caused by human factor.

- Manual heaters lifting mechanism makes routine cleaning much easier.